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"The Virginia Tourism Corporation has been working tirelessly with our world class wine industry to promote wine touring. We know that the Virginia wine experience is exactly what our tourists are passionate about. The VIRGINIA WINE LOVER Magazine is a wonderful opportunity to help us grow awareness of not only Virginia wines but the entire Virginia travel experience."

Alisa Bailey, President & CEO
Virginia Tourism Corporation

"Given the international exposure that we have recently garnered, it is only fitting that the wine industry benefit from more attention at home. The VIRGINIA WINE LOVER Magazine is a welcome addition to help promote Virginia wine tourism and Virginia wines."

Patrick Duffeler II
Williamsburg Winery

"With the loss of the right to self¬distribute for Virginia’s Farm Wineries, there is a need to explore alternate means of informing the wine¬interested consumer public about the quality, variety and availability of Virginia wines and the many social and wine appreciation events that are offered annually. The launching of the VIRGINIA WINE LOVER Magazine will serve as a wine promotional and educational communications tool for an expanding audience within the Old Dominion, as well as beyond its borders."

Gordon W. Murchie, President
Virginia Vinifera Wine Growers Association

"Virginia wines have come of age, and VIRGINIA WINE LOVER Magazine is what we need to help spread the news."

Chris Pearmund
Owner Pearmund Cellars and Winery

"The introduction of a lifestyle magazine devoted to food and wine is well timed for Virginia as our wine industry has not only grown very rapidly over the last few years, but also gained increasing recognition for the outstanding quality and uniqueness of some of its wines. Wineries and restaurants are always a great attraction for tourism and the public will be delighted with the information and guidance offered by the VIRGINIA WINE LOVER Magazine."

Jorg Lippuner, General Manager
Boar’s Head Inn – Charlottesville, VA

"I am really excited about a magazine devoted to the fine wines and scenic vineyards of Virginia. The industry in Virginia has come a long way since its start, and having a magazine that speaks to the quality and uniqueness of Virginia wines helps validate our place as one of the leading wine regions in the country. As our industry and reputation continue to grow, we look forward to continued growth for VIRGINIA WINE LOVER Magazine."

Ann Heidig Owner, Lake Anna Winery President
Virginia Wineries Association

"It’s about time we had a magazine that speaks to the quality and uniqueness of Virginia wines and promotes visits by tourists to these wineries across Virginia."

Sergei Troubetzkoy, Director Bedford Tourism and Welcome Center

"Virginia was recently named one of the top five new wine travel destinations in the world (Travel and Leisure July 2007). Yet many wine consumers and visitors are not aware of Virginia’s historic significance as the birthplace of American wine and do not realize that the present day wine industry is the fifth largest in the country. Virginia wineries are producing exceptional wines that are unique and accessible. As owners/vintners of a modest sized farm winery producing hand crafted wines, we depend on people who are passionate about Virginia wines to spread the word about the beauty, bounty, people and wines that make Virginia Wine Country so special. With the launch of VIRGINIA WINE LOVER Magazine, we hope that the secret will be out – Virginia is for wine lovers!"

Tamara and Jeff Stone, Owners Wintergreen Winery

"VIRGINIA WINE LOVER Magazine is certain to be in a class by itself, featuring in¬depth profiles and discussions on Virginia wines and wineries while providing insight into the very best of the Virginia Lifestyle. Our industry is ready for this high¬caliber publication, and it will be a tremendous marketing and sales tool for our wineries. A true showcase of the strength of our industry."

Willis Logan, President
Virginia Wine of the Month Club

"VIRGINIA WINE LOVER Magazine is quite an achievement. We look forward to an informative and visually impressive publication about the wines Virginia is producing.”

Terry Creaturo, Wine Coordinator
Kroger Mid¬Atlantic

"What great news that you're moving forward with VIRGINIA WINE LOVER Magazine. As a Virginia Farm Winery owner, I see the magazine as an important marketing tool in promoting our wines and drawing visitors to the winery. The Virginia wine industry is the fifth largest in the country. It's our job in the industry to keep improving the quality and uniqueness of Virginia wines, and it’s about time we had a magazine that speaks to that quality and uniqueness in the marketplace. Well done, and good luck."

Jennifer McCloud, Owner
Chrysalis Vineyards

"Being that we have every soil, aspect and climate of the best wine regions in the world, it is only appropriate that Virginia have a magazine that speaks to the quality and uniqueness of our wines. Virginia is truly poised to achieve her goal of becoming the Eastern Capital of the American Wine Industry."

Philip Carter Strother
Virginia Wine Industry Attorney & Winery Owner

"The VIRGINIA WINE LOVER Magazine will provide another great marketing tool for Virginia wines, while showcasing the beautiful state and its people."

Cheryl Corn, VP International Sales and Marketing
WINE AWAY Red Stain Remover

"As a small Virginia winery that has lost rights to distribute, the only way that we can sell and promote our wines is through avenues such as VIRGINIA WINE LOVER Magazine. We welcome a magazine that promotes Virginia's small farm wineries and the quality wines that they produce."

Danny Johnson, Owner
Peaks of Otter Winery

"I heartily endorse the VIRGINIA WINE LOVER Magazine. It is a long needed and spectacular way to present our excellent Virginia wines to the public. The majority of the 215 members of the Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia (BBAV) take great pride in serving Virginia wines and encouraging our guests to visit local wineries. We do this because our guests like Virginia wines and because the partnership between Virginia wineries and BBAV is clearly beneficial for all parties."

Jack North, Owner Mayhurst Inn – Orange, VA
President, Virginia Bed and Breakfast Association

"The more the public knows about the emerging Virginia wine industry, the better for all of us. We see WINE LOVER MAGAZINE as an important marketing tool in promoting our wines and drawing visitors to the winery."

Patricia Kluge & William Moses
Kluge Estate Winery & Vineyard

"If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, no doubt he’d be thrilled by the number of vineyards and outstanding wines made in his beloved Virginia. Three cheers to VIRGINIA WINE LOVER Magazine for celebrating that legacy!"

Ellen Crosby
Author of The Merlot Murders and The Chardonnay Charade

"VIRGINIA WINE LOVER Magazine has got to be one of the most anticipated releases of recent memory. I’m excited to see this publication and what it can offer readers looking for up-to¬date information on Virginia wineries, wine festivals and events, as well as in¬depth articles on the people, beautiful places and trends in the Virginia wine industry. This is a significant concept whose time has come, and I wish you all the success."

Annette Ringwood Boyd, Executive Director
Virginia Wine Marketing Office

"As a wine grower and wine producer, I realize that the nation wine press fails to give proper credit to the great strides that have been made in Virginia in the last five to six years. We have started to produce a broad spectrum of wines of world class quality, but in a sea of cheap imports, it is difficult to compete. The VIRGINIA WINE LOVER Magazine will promote these advances to a broader audience than has been possible to date."

Stephen Haskill, Owner
Villa Appalaccia Winery (20 years in the trenches!)

"As manager of a wine shop specializing I Virginia wines, I expect VIRGINIA WINE LOVER Magazine will be an additional way to enlighten the public about what Virginia has to offer."

Mary Ann Kauchak
Ye Olde Dominion Wine Shoppe – Occuquan

"The Virginia wine industry is the fifth largest in the country. It’s time we had a magazine that promotes the quality and uniqueness of our wines."

Russ AmRhein, President
AmRhein Wine Cellars

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