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About Us

The Virginia WINE LOVER™ is a new, exciting quarterly publication for Virginia Wine Lovers that is both entertaining and informative…filled with in-depth articles and fascinating facts about Virginia wineries and the wines they produce. It includes detailed maps, a listing of wine festivals and events and much more!

WINE LOVER™ will focus on Virginia wineries and the wines they produce, as well as the people, places and events related to the growing wine industry in the Commonwealth. Each issue will include:

WINE LOVER™ will be distributed to over 100 Virginia wineries. Some 80,000 to 100,000 copies will be distributed quarterly throughout the Commonwealth. Readership of approximately 400,000 is based on four time pass along.

WINE LOVER™ is positioned as the most targeted media available to reach thousands of people in Virginia who have the interest and income to buy what you sell!